Friday, March 5, 2010

Russian Imperial Stout

I created a Russian Imperial Stout three weeks ago, and it was very good, though I'm not a stout person myself. The English Brown Ale ranked higher on my list. I've also started collecting bottles to be able to have two batches going at the same time. The stout ingredients were:

6.6 lb. Dark Liquid Malt Extract (2 cans)
2 lb. Dark Dried Malt Extract
8 oz. Maltodextrin

Specialty Grains:
8 oz. Crystal 60L
8 oz. Roasted Barley
8 oz. Black Patent

1 oz. Bittering
.5 oz. Aroma

1 Sachet

I sanitized everything the way I did the English Brown Ale, and then I combined everything per the Brewer's Best procedure again, and had even more difficulty siphoning. I am going to try their recommended siphoning procedure next time.

On par with my last recipe, I opened a few bottles a week early. This stout wasn't anything to write home about for me, but I'm hoping another week will give it time to gel (and give me time to empty out a few more bottles for another batch).

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