Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spring Brew - Kumdis Island Spruce

I was finally able to do the Kumdis Island Spruce Brew today - the spruce trees have sprouted their new green tips, and I cut down a few branches from our back yard.

I wasn't sure how much to do, but I read online that "a loosely packed pint jar" was about 4 oz. I used a pint glass, because I've seen both 4oz and 5oz measurements for the spruce.

One of the unique things on this recipe was that there was no grains to soak/sparge - it was all-extract. I also discovered what caused a funny boil attribute. I noticed that when I stirred it vigorously, the middle of the pot 'coughs' up oddly-colored wort, but not if I hadn't - I think it's something with the heat at the bottom.

6.6 lbs Cooper's dark liquid malt extract
2oz Hallertauer hops
4-5oz loosely packed spruce tips

Add liquid malt extract to approximately 2.5 gallons of water and brought it to boil. Turned off heat and added hops - had my son add spruce tips (he thought it was hysterical putting a tree in the beer).

Boiled for 45 min, stirring about every 10 minutes.

Removed from heat, chilled, added water to make 5 gallons, stirred in American Ale Yeast and put in basement.

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